King County Maritime Business Spotlights - #1

King County Maritime Spotlights are proudly presented by the Seattle Propeller Club, the Port of Seattle, King County Maritime and our vibrant maritime and fishing industry. Today, our maritime industry has never been stronger – or more important to our region. Around here, maritime matters.


Check out the stories below about our thriving King County Maritime Businesses proudly presented by the Port of Seattle and the Seattle Propeller Club.

Rose Point Navigation Systems Redmond

Rose Point ECS is the inland maritime industry’s leading navigation software and the number one selling navigation software for inland commercial vessels in the United States. In addition, their Coastal Explorer™ is a sophisticated, full-featured, easy-to-use electronic charting and navigation software package designed specifically for the recreational boater.


Meet Ann Ferguson, Director of Marketing

“Our founder had a strong programming background at Microsoft, and he started Rose Point in 2003 because the navigation software on his boat wasn’t keeping pace with the times. The company was founded in Kirkland and now our headquarters is in Redmond.


“Our initial business focused on recreational boating. Today, the majority of our business is in the United States inland commercial space.  We have a growing presence internationally.


“Our software improves operational efficiency, situational awareness, and decision making with straightforward, uncluttered displays and controls that provide instant access to the information professional mariners and fleet operators need to navigate safely. Commercial operators can keep navigation publications compliant with US Coast Guard requirements and charts updated. The operators can also monitor the status of their fleet remotely through Rose Point's exclusive web-based administrative portal.


“Currently, we have nine employees on our team, with most doing programming work to ensure our software continues to be cutting edge. A real benefit of being in Redmond is access to very talented pool of programmers.


“Our commercial marine business is growing fast and we are very optimistic about the future of the industry and our business. We’ll be adding new employees as we continue to shape the future of navigation for the commercial marine industry.”


For more information on Rose Point Navigation Systems, click here.








Pacific Harvest Seafood    Renton

Pacific Harvest Seafood represents seafood packers and Native tribes from Alaska, Canada and Washington. They specialize in all species from the Washington, Canadian, and Alaskan coasts including salmon, crab, halibut, black cod, and clams and other seafood products from the Pacific Northwest.

Meet Jim Gonzalez, President
“We are primarily a seafood marketing and sales company specializing in domestic and global sales of wild salmon. We represent a lot of smaller processors, including a number of tribes. Pacific Harvest is the exclusive seafood sales agent for Quinault Pride Seafood. We don’t sell to the public, wholesale only.


“Founded in 2002, our company serves retail and food service companies around the United States. Much of our business is in fresh fish and live crab sales, throughout North America. Our export markets span the world and measure in millions of pounds of frozen wild Pacific salmon globally. We are fully Marine Stewardship Council (MSC), Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP), and Responsible Fisheries Management (RFM) certified.


“Our annual sales are between $18 and $22 million a year, which has a large economic impact on our city.


“We love being headquartered in Renton. The City has done a great job of supporting businesses. A number of seafood companies are located here, including Ocean Beauty and E&E Foods.


“We’re very optimistic about the growth of our business and the future. We look forward to opportunities to continuing being a direct source of fresh and frozen seafood products, year around, for our customers.”


For more information on Pacific Harvest Seafood, click here.

Hamilton Jet                            Woodinville

The Hamilton Jet waterjet is one of the most advanced, high tech and innovative marine propulsion systems in use today. Hamilton Jet pioneered the development of the modern waterjet system over 75 years ago, adapting technology initially designed for shallow river operation to suit all manner of inshore and offshore vessels. Today, the company is the world’s largest manufacturer of water jet propulsion systems serving the fishing, fast ferry, pilot, defense, recreational, fire, offshore and other markets.


Meet Tom Latham, General Manager, Americas Region

“Hamilton Jet is based in New Zealand, where we manufacture highly-efficient, reliable and safe propulsion systems for vessels around the world. We have regional offices in Woodinville, East Grinstead UK, and Singapore. These offices are our hubs to provide sales and marketing channels and support of our products internationally.


“We have 19 people working in our Woodinville office who handle everything from sales to parts and from finance to aftersales for our customers in North and South America. From our office, we also manage a network of 15 distributors who work with customers in Washington, Alaska, Oregon and Idaho.


“We have been in Woodinville for the past 12 years and before that we were in Ballard.


“King County is the home of the North Pacific Fishing Fleet and we work closely with area fishing boat operators and shipyards. We also serve the large recreational market and a number of government customers here.


“We are optimistic about the future of the maritime industry. Our company is growing and we’re adding employees. The maritime industry is thriving here, and we see tremendous opportunities for growth. Plus, we can draw from an incredibly talented and well-educated workforce.”


For more information on Hamilton Jet, click here.








Western Marine Electronics         Woodinville

WESMAR, founded in Seattle in 1965, is widely recognized as the leading U.S. company in advanced marine sonar systems for commercial fishing, defense applications, and pleasure boat markets.


Meet Roger Fellows, President

“The company’s core management team has combined its knowledge of the marine and defense industries, technical expertise in acoustics, hydraulics, and marine power with the corporate philosophy to produce products that are powerful, advanced, and ruggedly made to last under commercial use.


“Our company designs and manufactures its innovative products at an 82,000 square foot facility in Woodinville. At this location, we maintain a sophisticated engineering design lab, prototype, and test operations, as well as a modern and highly automated manufacturing facility.


“Our original Seattle plant was just a short trip from Ballard, home base of the commercial fishing fleet and many of its first sonar customers. As the company prospered and sales worldwide spread more space was needed, so a new plant was built in Kenmore. A few years later additional growth prompted relocation to our current space in Woodinville.


“In addition to sonar, the company also manufactures stabilizer systems and bow thrusters. Aside from commercial applications, these two product lines have made a significant impact on the large yacht and pleasure boat market, again venerated for their durability in the harsh marine environment


“WESMAR has been recognized by both the US Department of Commerce and the State of Washington for its export excellence, contribution to the State’s economy and its demonstration of outstanding achievements in international trade.


“Since WESMAR was built on the foundation of the maritime and commercial fishing industry right in our backyard, we certainly remain excited and strongly committed to its continuing prosperity and its future.”


For more information on Western Marine Electronics, click here.

Graham Trucking                    SeaTac

You probably know Graham Trucking from their longtime sponsorship of Seafair and a hydroplane. But did you know that today with more than 100 trucks in is fleet, Graham Trucking operates one of the largest drayage companies and super chassis fleets in the state?


Meet Troy Graham

“Robert Graham purchased our first semi-tractor in 1983 and shortly after formed Graham Trucking. Based at that time at Port of Seattle Terminal 115 South, our main business was barge lines doing business between Washington and Alaska.


“Today, we continue to serve the Alaska barge trade, but we have expanded our service to include international freight, retail supply, distribution, and other markets. Our customers include seafood companies, freight forwarders, steamship lines, produce suppliers, retail chains and others. We serve import/export customers throughout the Pacific Northwest.


“In addition to our modern, efficient truck fleet, we have more than 300 container chassis with add length / axles to handle overweight loads and about 40 freezer vans to help handle tons of seafood, produce and other agricultural products. In addition to transportation, we facilitate warehousing, consolidating/trans loading and distribution services.


“We’re proud that Graham Trucking maintains the highest rating that can be assigned by the United States Department of Transportation.


“Today, Rob Graham employs about 140 people in total. We’re excited about our business going forward and expect continued, steady growth.


“We’ve been involved with Seafair since the early 90’s and it has expanded over the years. In fact, one of our former truck drivers, Jerry Hopp originally got Rob Graham involved. Jerry is a hydroplane racing veteran at both the Limited and Unlimited levels. Seafair is a tremendous way for us to celebrate our community, our customers and our team members. It’s another way we have chosen to give back to our region.”


For more information on Graham Trucking, click here.




Ranger Tugs                          Kent

Founded in Kent in 1958, Ranger Tugs has grown to become the largest recreational boat manufacturer on the West Coast. Ranger has their corporate headquarter and two manufacturing facilities in King County. They are also a factory-direct boat dealer for Washington, Oregon and Northern California customers and manage a network of 20 boat dealers across the United States and Canada.


Meet Sam Bisset, Marketing Director

“What we are all about is selling fun and fun never goes out of style.


“Ranger’s distinctive styling, combined with innovative design and safety features, and functionality have made it the right choice for boaters for more than 50 years. We offer a full line of comfortable cruisers from 23'-41'.


“One of our founders, Dave Livingston built his first boat in a chicken coop here in Seattle when he was just a kid. He is probably the most accomplished boat designer in the world. Creator of hundreds of models for various manufacturers, he can boast that more people have owned a boat that he built than any other designer in the world. Today, his son John is the company president.


“There are a lot of places to manufacture boats in this country, but we choose here because of the quality workforce, the strength of the recreational boating and fishing industry and because it's home to our owners and skilled craftspeople.


“We've seen substantial growth each year for well over a decade since we started producing the trailerable trawler style Ranger Tug. Another thing that has remained constant for us has been a need for boat builders. We're always looking for talented craftspeople to join our family. We offer full time positions with full benefits, paid vacation and 401k. These are real jobs, earning real living wage salaries. 


“We sell more boat in King County than anywhere else in the world. We’re proud to call  King County home.”


For more information on Ranger Tugs, click here.


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